A general rule of thumb is that, if you’re getting a tattoo, it might be an idea to make sure that  it’s correctly spelled. Some might say I take my grammar and literacy obsession a little too seriously but, really, you want to have someone like me read your prospective ink before you go under the needle.

1) Take this lovely bit of ink, which should be in the dictionary under “irony”.



2) How? How could this happen?



3) How many times did this guy look at his arm and think “something’s just not right here…”



4) Oh, dear. How much mocking would this fellow get from the other bikers?





5) I’m really hoping that all of these were done by amateurs using an ebay purchased set, because if they were done by a professional I despair for humanity.




6) See? See? This is why I go on about people learning how to use a freakin’ apostrophe!



7) Another contender for the most ironic tattoo of the decade.



8) Spellcheck would’ve passed this. Silly computers.



9) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the artwork here, but how the ever-loving needle-gods did so many mistakes make it into one piece?



10) I get the feeling that if I were more romantic this would be quite a deep statement. As it is, it just makes me smile.



11) Oh yeah, baby! “Your” a baddass.



12) Another one of those “how did it happen?” tatt’s.



13) Not a literacy or grammar error. I just think it’s funny.




So, people: Learn the lesson of thorough checks on whatever ink you might decide to get.